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"Guys i am so high right now like do you even know whats going on"

"Guys i am so high right now like do you even know whats going on"


I made a new background for my twitter . of course. ROTG/hit

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Gobber’s workshop (requested by faeries-everywhere)

That blue Zippleback is precious and I want 8

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and i was like “gurrl, that fur with those boots?”

Is he criticizing Astrid’s fashion sense

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"Wait. There are other dragon riders?”

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"We’re sorry for going offline guys, we ….got distracted..listening to the music…but we’re all online now!”


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                           An indie roleplay blog for Young!Simba from The Lion King
                           Canon from TLK & TLK2 shall be applied to this blog. 
                           Main verse is primarly set in younger years —  however
                           this blog is multi-versed. Open to most fandoms, willing
                           to interact with most. Prefers to use icons but is friendly
                           to all thread types. Ranges from one-liners to novella.
                           Slightly selective; five years of roleplay experience, three
                           of those years dedicated to Tumblr roleplay. Shipping
                           requires chemistry & smut is very rare. Mun is very much
                           friendly and skype is only available to mutual followers.

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Going to add a playlist to the blog!

"I’ll be the one doing it because the others are stupid with technology." 

"That’s not very nice…"

"Okay, sorry. You can help."


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"Come on, Hufflepuffs are the best. Our dorms are right next to the kitchen."

"I think you mean Gryffindor there." 

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send me a url and I’ll answer the following.

opinion on.

character in general: I enjoy all of the characters you have. Merida has taken a long time for me to warm up to, but I enjoy her just as much as the rest now.
how they play them: They take a really cool twist on their characters. Like whoa O.o I haven’t seen that anywhere else.
the mun. I don’t personally know them! I can’t really say much, sorry!

do i.

rp with them. No
want to rp with them. Sure!

what is my.

overall opinion. A very neat idea behind your muses!

**note: mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.


you are so kind, thank you!!!!! ahh i know i need to work on merida, i’m actually going to go home soon and rewatch the movie so i can get in character more! :>

//About this blog..


This is my main one and because i changed it to a big four au, i wanted to keep my amount of followers. So these losers can get some love. But if  you want to know their back story, then ask them. I have it all planned out. this au has been in my mind ALL FUCKING YEAR. and i love the idea of it.


Modern day.


In the past, the big four were serial murders. (ask them if you want to know what happened) They were killed, but Jack still lived. As he’s a spirit. They all got reborn in burgess, and are all best friends. They remember their past, and continue their paths as murders.


Snow baby~