Broken Frost || Self harm AU

Jack held the razor within his fingers. Chocked sobs escaped his lips. Pathetic. His mind rang. You worthless piece of shit. Your nothing. No one see’s you.Your not worth anything. His hand tightened around the blade—a bit of blood streamed down his hand. His vision was blurry— the snow under him was tainted with crimson. He looked at his arms. Multiple cuts showed. Some where scars—some were fresh—some where white—and some were red. His blue sweater was caked with blood. He pulled his sleeves up, wincing at the sting. His hands were shaking and more tears rolled down his frosted cheeks. The droplets of water turned into ice as they fell.  His eyes were red and puffy. No one ever believed in you. You think that they care? Your nothing. Nothing… His mind repeated over and over. No one loves you. Your all alone frosty! Jack tried to scream,but it came out as a whine. Jack’s eye’s were filled with pain,hurt,and rage. He took his razor and held it to his wrist. This time… He thought. He took the blade and slowly ran it down his arm. Remember kids—never across the street but down. A mad smile cracked onto his face. Half way through his arm, he quickly sliced the skin,causing it to break. Blood poured down his arm. He watched it fall and taint the pure white snow. He felt sick. His vision was starting to get blurry.  He wasn’t loved. No one cared. His thoughts raced through his mind until everything became black. He heard a distant cry in the darkness. Who’s there?